Who We Are

New Image Installations is an established and continually growing installation company that safely delivers, construction, maintenance and re-image installations of gas station canopies and building systems. Based out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, New Image Installations proudly provides installation services to leading manufacturers of canopy systems, FRP and ACM cladding systems, architectural and building envelope systems, throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, Canada. 

Our management team is dedicated to delivering this service safely, on time, and on budget. Our installation crews are our employees and not sub-trades, this allows us to provide the highest level of workmanship, guaranteed. With NCSO certified personnel and a strong safety culture, New Image Installations can ensure safety is first.


What We Do

Double Skin Canopy Construction

Many existing canopies throughout Canada are of double skin design. Although it is less common in today’s new construction market, this design is still being built and New Image Installations Ltd. is an industry leader in the design and build of these canopy structures.

Single Skin Canopy Construction

Single skin canopies are the most common canopy design in today’s construction market. The single skin canopy structure is considerably less expensive than the double skin and is constructed entirely of metal components. It requires less maintenance and can be built on site in a fraction of the time than the double skin structure. 

Column Cladding

Fascia Cladding

M.I.D  Cladding

General ACM & Alucobond Cladding

A very common practice in completing the clean, finished look of any canopy. ACM, Alucobond and pre-finished custom metals are all products of choice and all remove the exposed steel column and rain gear from your clients’ eyes. 

We have the experience it takes to install the great many client design systems in today’s Canadian markets.


We have the ability to install the many styles throughout the Canadian markets. 

We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to install any clients’ design or while working closely with our manufacturers, we can create a custom panel system to clad almost any item. 


Architectural Panels  

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles and can compliment any design on almost any building envelope. 

Custom Metal Cladding   

Pre-finished metal is an alternative to the ACM systems; it is often used and generally less expensive. 

M.I.D, Canopy and Building Signage

We have the equipment and experience to install any owner supplied signage package when called upon. This is often done on more remote sites. 

Building Forecourt and Yard Painting

With an extensive file of client color codes and specifications, we are able to provide guaranteed color matching as well as quality paint finishes. 

L.E.D Lighting Conversions

Most common is the canopy down lights. We carry and install CREE retrofit fixtures and once installed they provide a much brighter light at a fraction of the energy cost.